Jun 2nd 2023



525 S Dearborn St, Apt 209, Chicago, IL 60605

Opening Friday, June 2nd, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, July 7th


JUNE 2, 7 to 10 pm. ◌

“…It is a special time, before the inner-voice, when baby’s thoughts are pure sensation. In less than a year of life, representational thoughts emerge so we can symbolically imagine that which cannot be seen.

Simple games let us practice our new skill. When you know something is hiding, you can seek it. Lose something precious and be delighted to find it again. We could think that a thing is only granted reality through our sensing of it (tree falls in a forest). The concept is innocent: surely things wouldn’t want to be there without me.. a sound that I missed is no sound at all.

I know enough to return to my bed in the dark but wake up not sure which way I’m oriented. I want to believe my field of vision is a rectangle but it’s two circles that overlap. The self-assured mind fills in gaps of information so emphatically that the artist needs a reminder to draw what they see and not what they think they see.

My purse is a performance of my having things. I am always laying down a big bag of stuff on a table and asking people if they’re bringing their stuff and if not where should we leave it for now. Little you emerges with nothing and the acquisition of things happens throughout your life.. There is a futility of objects in times of turmoil when I look at them in their stillness and think it must be so uncomplicated.

I can love my belongings better when I remember their instability. Knowing a favorite cup will break makes me more apt to use it. Better to believe that things at their start are already on their way out. Absence makes the heart grow fonder…”

Text excerpted from a longer letter by Amy.

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