May 26th 2023

Join us for the closing of You Will Die, Too, an exhibition confronting death head on. The stoics have a saying, “Memento Mori” or “Remember that you will die.” For some, this is no dread-inducing koan, it’s a call to action, a reminder of the precious and temporal nature of life.

Pairing artists from the extreme metal community and its adjacent territories, this exhibition explores death as an affirmation of life, unearthing beauty in the decay and finding enlightenment in the darkness.

A special performance from local legend Helen Money sunsets the exhibition. And in the spirit of the eternal, Someoddpilot Records is resurrected with an archival recording from Ariah, the 80’s highschool thrash metal group you’ve been dying to hear. A commemorative You Will Die, Too zine will also be available.


Antonio Bond

Kevin Foote

Caroline Harrison

Ethan Hutchinson

Mute Neighbor

Rachel Niffenegger

Nick Pyle

Dan Seagrave

Scott Shellhamer




CBD Seltzers in collaboration with Marz Brewing

Limited edition apparel by Yewon Kwon

Musical Performance: 9pm

Helen Money

Helen Money stands as one of the most unique and versatile cellists working today. Composer Alison Chesley uses the instrument to access and channel the extremities of human emotion, employing extensive sonic manipulation and an array of plucking and bowing techniques to summon an astonishing breadth and depth of sound.

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