May 20th 2023

5/20 – Set Design Workshop: Create Your Utopia (CW – in person – 1-3pm)

What does utopia feel like for you? When do you feel the most liberated in your body?

Participants will create their own utopia by building a miniature set with cardboard boxes, paint, fabric, paper, and other elements. In the second part of the project (June 16) they will then create their character and green screen themselves into their miniature set. The final images created will be presented at the final event in July.

Please add your access needs in your registration.

*Attendance to this event is limited to a maximum of 13 people. Participants who attend this event will be asked to sign an agreement committing to attending the June 16th event (digital access may be possible) and to being featured in the final project of the residency.

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IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A person in head to toe green bodysuit, soft green sweater and white wig cut in bob style stands behind a table covered in a red and white checkered tablecloth with plentiful fruits and vegetables piled on top and a vase of flowers on the left and a block of knives on the right of the table. They have their hands touching the produce and their head looking down.

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