May 27th 2023

HOT MESS! Making hot art performance hybrids. Like a mini-conference or fair, In real life art making in real time. simultaneously in person and streaming online, Two sets, all ages.

First set, 4:20pm
Second set, 8pm

Featured Artists:

MzMr @humangalaxy
Mallory Q @qiumallory
Va-Bene Elikem K. Fiatsi @crazinist_artist
Riin Peisert @riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
Hiroko Tamano @tamanokoichi

The years of physical distancing has revealed and amplified both the potency and challenges of creating in physical space, and we transition curiously into more of hybrid virtual reality.

For each set we invite a live in person audience and an online audience for about an hour. The first set is like a dress rehearsal, exposing the in-process moments of all of us showing up, and listening in to each other, as each artist brings their own material to share. The second set is our do-over, our next iteration, using experience gained from the first set, we change, transition, re-imagine. We make art together.

Artist Bios

Hiroko Tamano @tamanokoichi —- Butoh artist, organizer, performer, teacher in Berkeley CA, will be participating remotely. Hiroko and her life partner Koichi Tamano came to the states in 1979 and have been working and teaching ever since, becoming the bedrock of the community there. They performed at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2015. Catch a video here of Hiroko talking about a mythology made real called Moon Rabbit.

Mallory Yanhan Qiu @qiumallory —- Mallory Yanhan Qiu is an emerging performer, sound artist, curator and digital visual artist currently working on her masters at SAIC in Art and Sound. Her interdisciplinary practice reflects her passion and professional skills through live video/sound performance, sonic study, body movement, and 3D animation. She is also a curatorial assistant at High Concept Labs. Mallory will be participating in person. Check out their work here.

MzMr @humangalaxy —– Designer & Maker of Pretty ThingsSeamstressStylistCertified Art Therapist, Burlesque performer and Producer of Many Amazing Productions in Chicago. Check her instagram for work, images, stylings and engagements. She performed with Natalia Nicholson as part of Hot Mess in 2021, and we are excited to have her back in the mix with her own work, live and in person.

Riin Peisert @riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin —— Radical Performance artist based in Chicago and Shanghai, visit her instagram for a glimpse into her breathtaking artworks, co-productions, and investigations. She will perform live, in person, and out of this world. Currently she is a 2023 Curatorial Resident at Elastic Arts with her series Relative Intensity Noise.

Va-Bene Elikem K. Fiatsi @crazinist_artist —– Performance artist and Curator Director Organizer of PiAR An interdisciplinary art incubator, hatchery and a radical performance space. Va-Bene speaks loudly about trans rights and their artworks speak directly against hate and any anti LBGTQ+ legislation in Ghana and worldwide. She will be submitting video footage to be interspersed with the live work.

$15 – Tickets Available at the Door

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