May 5th 2023

Public Programs – Central West Center Artist in Residence, Ariella Granados

Open Studios, Artist with Disability Meetups & Public Programs (performance, workshops, screening, etc.) at Central West Center & Digitally.

Chicagoans with Disabilities, Chicago Seniors & Medical District Folx (and beyond)!

Join Ariella Granados, the Central West Center Artist in Residence, for Open Studios, Artist with Disabilities Meetups and Public Programs.

Events take place monthly through July 2023.

Open Studios at Central West Center – meet Ari and learn more about her process and work in performance and video. Open studios will be every first Friday of the Month.

Meetups for Artists with Disabilities. Come to these if you identify as a person with a disability and an artist. Meet other artists and possibly participate in open critiques.

Public Programs – Monthly events open to all. Concerts, live performance, panels, workshops and more.

See detailed schedule below.

CW denotes that the event takes place at the Central West Center at 2012 West Ogden Ave. Chicago.

For Zoom events, event link will be posted/and or sent to registrants 48 hours before the event.

Access Information: Some events will have ASL / CART (closed captioning) provided by default; for additional events upon request. Access Needs can be requested during event registration or by email

The Central West Center has free parking is available at the lot attached to the building. It is a single story building with hard surface flooring in most rooms and some carpet.

Masks are not required but are recommended.

December 2022

12/9 – Open Studio (CW 2-4pm)

January 2023

1/6 – Open Studio (CW 2-4pm) + Meetup Event for Artists with Disabilities (ZOOM 5-7pm)

1/11 – Creative Access Workshop: Communicating Sound with Andy Slater (CW 6-8pm)

Andy Slater presents different ways of creating access for sound based art and for experiences for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in this workshop based on his research into cypto acoustic auditory non-hallucination. Attendees will craft and share their own sound descriptions with the group as they react to Andy’s soundscapes. ASL, CART and Assistive Listening devices provided.

1/27 – Experimental Graphic Score Performance Screening (CW 6-8pm)

A one hour DJ set supports the mingling vibe before a video screening of the Experimental Graphic Score Performance and then an audience Q&A. CART provided.

February 2023

2/3 – Meetup, Artists w/ Disabilities (ZOOM 5-7pm)

March 2023

3/3 Open Studios (CW 2-4pm)

3/30 – DJ Workshop (CW 1:30-4:30pm)

Join a workshop teaching individuals the basics of djing. People identifying as having a disability will be prioritizing but event is open to all. Please add your access needs in your registration.

There will be three dj stations (vinyl, CDJS, and Serato) where participants will be able choose their preferred method and learn the basics of djing. If you would like to attend/watch digitally the twitch link is:

April 2023

4/7 – Meetup Event for Artists with Disabilities (ZOOM 5-7pm)

4/14 – Improv/ Comedy Workshop: Jesse Swanson IO Comedy Theatre (ZOOM 7-830pm)

Jesse Swanson from iO Theater partners with Ari to host an ZOOM improv workshop that explores the intersection of comedy and disability. Please add your access needs in your registration.

*Participants for this event will be asked to participate in the final project of the residency by also attending the May & June events.

Zoom information will be sent in an email to all registered participants the day before the event.

May 2023

5/5 – Open Studios (CW – in person – 2-4pm)

5/20 – Set Design Workshop: Create Your Utopia (CW – in person – 1-3pm)

What does utopia feel like for you? When do you feel the most liberated in your body?

Participants will create their own utopia by building a miniature set with cardboard boxes, paint, fabric, paper, and other elements. In the second part of the project (June 16) they will then create their character and green screen themselves into their miniature set. The final images created will be presented at the final event in July.

Please add your access needs in your registration.

*Attendance to this event is limited to a maximum of 13 people. Participants who attend this event will be asked to sign an agreement committing to attending the June 16th event (digital access may be possible) and to being featured in the final project of the residency.

June 2023

6/2 – Meetup Event for Artists with Disabilities (CW – in person – 5-7pm)

6/16 – Makeup Workshop/ Character Workshop (CW – in person -12-4pm)

Join this fun makeup workshop to transform you into the main character in your utopia and/or your alter ego (help from a makeup artist can be provided). Participants will be photographed in their looks and recorded introducing themselves as their character. The character will then be green screened into their miniature set (created May 2023),

Please add your access needs in your registration. ASL available on request.

*Participants for this event may be limited to those who participated in the May 20th event and will be featured in the final project of the residency.

July 2023

7/7 – Residency Closing Event & Final Project Show Opening (CW – in person – 6-8pm)

Join the party as we show Ari & communities final project and celebrate the closing of the first ever Central West Center Artist in Residence.

This event is open to all! Please add your access needs in your registration.

We want to hear from you!

The City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) has launched the first Artist in Residence at the Central West Center located at 2102 W Ogden Avenue. This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

We want to capture feedback from the Chicago community of adult people living with disabilities regarding what arts and culture programs they want to see and/or participate in and how MOPD and DCASE can make cultural programming accessible and accommodating as possible at the Central West Center.

Please take the Chicago Arts & Disability Survey today!

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A person in head to toe green bodysuit, soft green sweater and white wig cut in bob style stands behind a table covered in a red and white checkered tablecloth with plentiful fruits and vegetables piled on top and a vase of flowers on the left and a block of knives on the right of the table. They have their hands touching the produce and their head looking down.

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