Mar 10th 2023

South Lake Artists Co-op

SLAC Opening Reception for ‘MOON’ – Take 2

MOON – an artistic homage to that big night light in our sky
Location: Sip Coffee House & Artisan Café in Crown Point, IN
(11 N. Court Street)
Presented to you by SLAC (South Lake Artists Co-op)
Last weekend we had a snowstorm completely wash out our fun so let us try this again.


On Friday, March 10th, from 6-8pm, please join the South Lake Artists Co-op in celebrating the moon! Our newest show, “Moon”, at the Crown Point Sip Coffee House will feature 21 talented artists and their lunar art.
This tribute to that big night light in the sky is probably one of the more amazing shows in respect to the fact that I think you all were on some similar wavelengths with your work! There are so many pieces that just completely vibe together so perfectly and it is really awesome to look at the whole show as one cumulative work.
We are pleased to present such fine work by some of Northwest Indiana’s (& beyond) finest.

Featuring work by:
Angela Czepinski
Barbara Houk
Dina Heijselaar
John Brudek
Ryan Beal
Judi Tussey
Chris Tozer
Julie Miller
Carleen O’Connor Rivera
Erin Cramer
Sandy Randall
Carol Estes
Melissa Alberico
Dustin Quering
Danuta Piekoszewski
Janel Hunt
Kristin Lusin-Smolinski
Dead Mike
Gary Price
JD Moffitt


We will be dressing in moon or space-themed attire, so please, no obligation, but feel free to get festive with your outfits!

Friends and fans and appreciators of art are all welcome to this free artist’s reception! Grab some food and coffee, buy some art, talk with artists, and marvel at the moon.

Thank you to all those who participated–the show looks FULL thanks to you!

A big thank you also to Christian Bartholomew and John Brudek for your huge help with installing the show–and I had such a great time thanks to yous!

Side note: Friday night will offer a beautiful Waning Gibbous, as we will just be passing the full moon this Tuesday.


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