Mar 10th 2023

for G

@ Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

2320 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Friday, March 10th, at 6:30PM

On view through Sunday, April 16th

Anders Zanichkowsky is an artist, weaver, and the owner of Burial Blankets. Part of the group show “Aesthetics of Loss” (February 18 – April 16) “for G” is a memorial for their first love, made of handwoven cloth and an audio piece created from cell phone recordings addressing him in death as a way to mourn. The live performance is a chance to experience the work in an intimate gathering that may feel like a cross between a wake and a late-night phone conversation. At turns affectionate, philosophical, and raw with grief, the audio piece circles around themes of romance and youth; the magic of cinema, art, and memory; and the vulnerability of queer people to untimely death.

The gallery opens for seating at 6:30 and the performance begins promptly at 6:45, running approximately one hour. Afterwards there will be a reception with the artist in the East gallery. During regular hours, visitors to the museum can sit with the cloth and listen to the audio piece over their headphones.

Accessibility and COVID Precautions:

UIMA has a wheelchair accessible entrance and mens and womens bathrooms. Proof of vaccination is required and masks must be worn during the performance. There will be armless chairs for all who want them and a section designated for social distancing at 6 feet apart. Light refreshments will be served during the reception and masks will become optional for people eating or drinking. This work is in English with no visual captions or transcript and makes references to IV drug use, mental illness, early death, and suicide. If you have any other questions about attending, please contact the museum staff.

About the exhibition

AESTHETICS OF LOSS is a collection of work by seven artists who have experienced loss of family members recently. Their studios became places for grieving and understanding the sudden vacuum of losing loved ones either suddenly or over a long period of illness. Caregiving, memory, helplessness, loss and the ultimate mystery of death are explored through painting, print-making, fibers, ceramics, photography, installation and video. Some artists utilize objects and clothing left behind by their loved ones and transform them into artworks and some use ritual and natural materials as memorial or commemorative actions of grieving and coming to terms.

Aesthetics of Loss is a collective currently comprised of seven artists: EBTI, Cassidy Early, Brianna L. Hernández, Linda B. Marcus, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Nirmal Raja, and Anders Zanichkowsky.

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