Mar 5th 2023

A Flatfiles Show

@ Goldfinch

319 N Albany Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Opening Sunday, March 5th, from 2PM - 5PM

On view through Saturday, April 15th

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to view works from our Flatfiles on gallery walls! We’ve taken numerous works out of the Flatfiles and displayed them throughout Gallery 2, thereby giving visitors a chance to view the breadth of this program of accessibly-priced artworks in person and without an advanced appointment. Goldfinch’s Flatfiles Program aims to make original contemporary artworks available to a wider audience. It encompasses painting, drawing, collage, prints, photographs, small sculptures, mixed media pieces and any other work that can be housed in the drawers of our flatfile cabinet, the vast majority of which are priced at $1500 or below — and many can be acquired for $600 or less.


Mara Baker, Leslie Baum, Yesenia Bello, Mary Bergs and Robin Dluzen, Matt Brett, Robin Dluzen, Kevin Blake, Meghan Borah, Holly Cahill, Amanda Joy Calobrisi, Howard Fonda, Dianna Frid, Diana Gabriel, Madeline Gallucci, Jasper Goodrich, Anne Harris, Cameron Harvey, Miranda Javid, Minami Kobayashi, Jenny Kendler, Kuras & MacKenzie, Damon Locks, Victoria Martinez, Jordan Martins, Nicole Mauser, Kate McQuillen, Jessie Mott, Monika Müller, Holly Murkerson, Marissa Chris Zain Neuman, Melissa Oresky, Sherwin Ovid, Erin Patton-McFarren, Marina Ross, Edra Soto, Cassie Tompkins, Tsai-Ling Tseng, Irene Wa., Xinyan Wang,Scott Wolniak, Gwendolyn Zabicki

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