Feb 5th 2023

The MCA is proud to collaborate with Mike “Orie” Mosley, founder and creative director of Afrotrak, to present Black x Art, an immersive art experience featuring discussions and screenings at the intersection of Black art, film, photography, and visual arts. This event coincides with several MCA exhibitions that include contemporary Black and brown artists, including Martine Syms: She Mad Season One and Forecast Form: Art in the Caribbean Diaspora, 1990s–Today. Looking towards the future in bridge building between institutions, artists, and community, Black x Art highlights Black artists in Chicago from various practices who are blazing the trail and pushing the boundaries on what contemporary art looks like today.

As part of Black x Art’s partnership with the MCA, this daylong event also features a live DJ set from Mike Orie, digital art exhibits, and an artist-led session by Tonika Johnson, creator of the Folded Map project, further highlighting the works of Black artists, creatives, DJs, visual artists, curators, and more.

This program is organized in collaboration with Mike Orie, Founder and Creative Director of Afrotrak/ Black x Art, and Otez Gary, Community Engagement Manager at the MCA.

About the Work
Black x Art serves as a community where Black people are encouraged and empowered to elevate one another through (Black) art. Known event curator, Mike “Orie” Mosley, created Black x Art in 2022 after witnessing the challenges Black artists face in accessing well-needed and well-deserved resources and opportunities. Mosley was driven to make way for Black artists to focus on creating rather than worrying about the unfair struggle to advance in the art industry.

Black x Art will continue to amplify Black art, in its various mediums, to the world.

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