Dec 7th 2022

As many around the world reconsider soccer’s relationship to social justice, join the Goethe-Institut Chicago for the second of three films that examine the sport’s role in different historical contexts.

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Director: Sönke Wortmann, 117 min., Germany, 2003, with English subtitles

In 1954, Richard (Peter Lohmeyer) returns to his German hometown after seven years as a prisoner of war. The years have taken their toll, and he fails to relate to his family — particularly his soccer-loving son, Matthias (Louis Klamroth). Meanwhile, a journalist (Lukas Gregorowicz) and his wife head to Bern, Switzerland, to write about the World Cup. The stories of these strangers converge when they arrive in Bern, where they witness an uplifting German performance in a game against Hungary.

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