Dec 10th 2022

Join us for an intimate performance evening in the Compound Yellow studio featuring the music of Rich Klevgard (These Peaches) solo with special guest Jory Avner, Jodi Walker and Jim Basten!

About the artists:

Rich Klevgard

The band had been performing ever since the release of their debut album, Almost Heard the Ocean in 2015. The sound is Americana, it’s folk, it’s country, it’s rock, it is wholeheartedly original. These Peaches tells the story of love lost and love found and the journey between and beyond. Primarily the vision of Rich Klevgard, this band has a poetic and melodic sense that balances perfectly. This evening of music is The singer’s presentation of his songs with just his guitar and his voice. Their newest song is in video form:

Jory Avner

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Jory Avner has been writing and performing music for over ten years, released three albums and headlined shows all across the United States and Canada. His music blends highly stylized lyricism and guitar with synth/rock soundscapes, creating an atmosphere that is deeply textured, thought-provoking, introspective, and yet succinct in terms of narratives.

“By far the words are what I focus on the most when it comes to writing or listening to a song… I guess I hope people walk away from my songs with their mind sort of activated, and in the best case scenario maybe feel a little moved. I always love when songs do that for me.”
~Jory Avner, Voyage Chicago Magazine

Jodi Walker and Jim Basten:

Jodi Walker and Jim Basten have been performing together as a duet and as part of the Night of 1000 Stars house band since 2018. Jim is a singer songwriter and has been an interpreter of the Americana cannon since the early 1970’s. Jodi began her musical career in New York singing jazz. She relocated to Chicago in 2009 and began writing and performing as part of various ensemble groups including the Significant Others, MilkMoney, Rainy Day Women and the Zimmermen. She has a residency at Friendly Tap, Night of 1000 Stars, which showcases local artists.

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