Nov 26th 2022

Kara Cobb Johnson: Modern Monument

@ Space 900 Gallery

816 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60202

Opening Saturday, November 26th, from 7PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, November 27th

In an article on Modern Monuments, Samantha Pires offers “…Though it may be possible to summarize the characteristics that seem to define modern monuments, the way we remember and the way that we grieve is a constantly changing and intangible experience—one that (artists and) designers will continue to honor in the built environment.”

Activism ripples through art. Historians dedicate entire lifetimes into what future generations observe as castles made of sand. Deciding to create work of free expression by using light and spaces within spaces, these new and critical works explore protection. Taking the role of a living breathing Modern Monument, Kara Cobb Johnson physically peels steel wire fencing to unfolded lengths. She then peels and sticks hand cut transparent color vinyl diamonds along with reflective adhesive tape creating material language from industrial signage and boundary markers: the stuff that keeps people on the road, visible and informed-equally. Saturated abstracted shadows of colorpools evoke a rumination with repetitive shapes. She states, “…I am interested in how the works are activated by people walking through and past them, discovering new shadows and light of their own choosing. I cannot help but wonder if these works can somehow help shine, diffuse and reflect the light of now in the eyes of all viewers independently. If the work can do that, then it has been successful.” Kara’s work bellwether is currently on view on The Beverly Arts Center Simmerling Gallery floor until early December. For more about Kara you can visit her website at This is her second solo project at Space 900 Evanston this year.

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