Nov 5th 2022

Elastic’s Executive Director Adam Zanolini has written new music to be debuted with a brand new ensemble. Sharon Udoh will open the night with a solo set.

Adam Zanolini: The Heliacal Rising of Sothis

Adam Zanolini: composition, double bass, piano, flute, saxophone, oboe, mbira, drum/percussion, poetry, voice
Fred Jackson: saxophone, flute, percussion, voice
Naydja Bruton: drums

Signaling the moment of the annual Nile flood, the recognition of a crucial celestial event represents a body of knowledge that was the foundation of all civilization that followed, including ours. Similarly, the music, philosophy, and teaching of Kelan Phil Cohran are foundational for the tradition of Great Black Music coming out of Chicago and radiating around the world. I studied with Phil Cohran only briefly, but his teaching and inspiration led to a series of compositions and a participatory approach to music that I want to share. I’m honored to be joined by extraordinary community/spiritual musicians Fred Jackson, Jr. and Naydja Bruton.

Sharon Udoh is a gay, first-generation Nigerian-American composer, pianist, arranger, bandleader, and vocalist. Her work abandons genre and is expansive, focusing on human complexity, order within chaos, and emotional connection. She often takes the stage under the name Counterfeit Madison; her performances have been described as a warm bowl of soup, a tornado, a jalapeño pepper, a Jackson Pollock painting, a bulldozer, dangerous yet kind, and magnetic. She’s new to Chicago and has an absurd millennial addiction to sparkling water. Find out more at

$15- Tickets Available at the Door.

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