Oct 12th 2022

Every object has a story. It can jog our memory, remind us of close relationships, take us back in time and place, and/or invoke our cultural identity. But objects rely on us to tell their story.

The premise of That Belongs in a Museum: Suitcase Stories is simple: bring an object that speaks to your cultural identity or migration experience, take the mic and share its story, then tell which museum—real or imaginary–where it belongs. An earring passed down by grandma, a faded map, a family heirloom, a keepsake (think Saris, Glücksbringer, a remnant of a Persian carpet, monogrammed chopsticks, prayer flags etc.)

So look around the house, in the closet, under the bed, and inside the treasure chest to find the object that longs to speak of your cultural heritage forfive minutes on stage.

Here’s what you should say:

● What you brought, even if it is obvious.
● What story does the object tell?
● In which museum–any museum–even if you have to invent a new museum, does this object belong?

That Belongs in a Museum: Suitcase Stories is a collaboration between Dank Haus, The Abrahamic Center for Cultural Education (ACCE), and the National Indo-American Museum (NIAM) as part of the Chicago Cultural Alliance’s Journey Chicago festival.

Your $5 ticket includes light refreshments and soft drinks. Please bring objects that will fit through the door and, ideally, you can hold in your hand. No hazardous or illegal materials. Storyteller names will be chosen at random.



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