Oct 21st 2022


Family more or less as a relationship has connotations of responsibility and circumstances. People find lost relatives, lost connections, and lost histories and in this process have a responsibility to redeem the dead; this becomes particularly important in histories that have been erased or persecuted. Given that, maybe Family also at the same time isn’t necessarily a relationship that exists only out of circumstance or history; family maybe resembles more of a practice or a process. In the same way someone is willing to devote their life to connecting with the past and their brothers and sisters in history, a parent may devote their life to their kids, thinking of them, often times, endlessly before they even arrive. Many ways of looking at family may lead us to think of the world of histories we’re born into and effected by;a relationship within a larger relationship. The carl asks you to get together with your buddies and maybe call one another fam, we are all fam. Also the Carl will be serving unlimited breadsticks from 630-10:30 cause when you’re here you’re family.

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