Oct 1st 2022

Join artist Josephine Pryde for a talk expanding on ideas both behind, and possibly ahead of, her exhibition The Vibrating Slab. The Vibrating Slab juxtaposes work from Pryde’s ongoing series Hands, alongside recent images of prehistoric rock carvings and some small-scale sculptures. Also included is a brand-new photography series that stems from an inquiry into the ways smartphones inhabit our lives. Together these works ask us to consider the intersections as well as divergences, over time, in sensory experience and how language scripts our sensory perceptions.

Since the early 1990s, the Berlin-based artist has produced enigmatic yet provocative photographs and sculptures that critically address and interrogate subjects such as motherhood, beauty, consumer culture, tourism, and medical science. While her images—produced in series—appear informal, they are decisively staged. Often they connect to conventions of established photography styles—both incorporating and eluding genres such as advertising and fashion photography as well as documentary, snapshot, and experimental photography.


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