Sep 18th 2022

Stop by for the celebration and closing of William Schaeuble’s sell out solo show for a day of folk music and wine!

ft performances by

Measuring Marigolds
Lawrence Tome

—- on the exhibition —

Cats, birds, and the rest of the crew continue on their Schaeublian odyssey and engage in a fierce exploration of space in a spaceless universe, finding plenty of games to play along the way.

A new body of work from William Schaeuble introduces us further to how his characters deal with his logic, how a game of binocular chess is played, and clearly that birds are not reliable members of a choir.

In the hyperflat, Schaeuble reflects on space and time and our experiences of day to day life, finding levity in strange places, inside and out…

Heavily influenced by his surroundings; he documents days spent and games played with his partner, muse, and spiritual advisor Briseis Schreibman, whose substantial presence in the work is not only denoted by a long-bodied lady, but by some of the ideas themselves.

Will and Briseis both leave Chicago this August, and in separate ways; and so the autobiographical work documents–with some imagination–this pivotal time in both of their lives.

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