Sep 23rd 2022

Comfort Station presents Like a House on Fire, a weekend-long festival centering time-based work that wields light within SCAFFOLD. Ruby Que, Ále Campos, and Florence Woolley each present new work that responds to the possibilities of Comfort Station’s SCAFFOLD structure. For this weekend only, SCAFFOLD acts as a frame across which fabric is stretched, a blank canvas for the artists to transform with light.

Ruby Que is a Chicago-based installation artist and experimental filmmaker who occasionally performs, weaves, and carves. In their work they adopt strays and revive ghosts. Many of their projects explore various forms of ruination, such as abandoned sites, obsolete media, and traumatic memories. They work with celluloid film both as a medium and as a material, with a specific interest in the vulnerability of film as a metaphor for the cycle of life. They often consider themself a custodian or maintenance worker for living archives. Human connection lies at the center of their practice and they enjoy engaging the audience as co-authors and documentarians.

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