Sep 24th 2022

Dance to Anything


2349 S Oakley Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, September 24th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, October 8th

An evening of emergent movements in various media, “Dance to Anything” is a dynamic constellation of nineteen visual artists, writers/readers, and movement makers responding to six sound works that were crafted so to be difficult to dance to. This sonic constraint response project was designed and organized to think less about choreography in a general sense, but how shared translations of a choreographic object (the sound works) move relational possibilities. Some of the ideas, questions, and metaphors we might conjure up from this attempted endeavor: How might we find joy in the not legibly functional in art? What are dance-tos and dance-nots? Why is movement thought of as secondary to form? Lots of things have to happen for a thing to happen (things can’t ever be one thing). And finally: what gestures, minor/major or otherwise, when explored relationally, elicit and inspire potential politics to come?

Performances begin around 8pm.

Sounds: Gianni Andreatta, Jane Carver, Kioto Aoki, Lula Asplund, Matthew Sage, Veronica Ann Salinas

Movements: Chenhui Mao, Flor, Jasmine Mendoza, Jonas Sun, Kezia Waters

Visuals: Angela Inez Baldus & Mel Cook, Asya Dubrovina, Barbarita Polster, Lauren Sudbrink, Sage Dye, Sarabeth Dunton

Texts/Readings: Alden Burke, Breanne Trammell, Jesse Malmed, Joshi Radin, Kerry Cardoza, Pia Singh

This is the second annual meeting of, and was organized by the Rhythm/Rythmn Society, a flexible cohort in the mire of out of tune-ism formed in 2020 by Breanne Trammell and Chris Reeves.

A takeaway dossier with ephemera and a booklet will be available in an edition of 50.

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