Aug 3rd 2022

Comfort Film Presents:
Silent films and Loud Music Series

Coupler with a live score for

The Bat (1926)

A masked criminal who dresses like a giant bat terrorizes the guests at an old house rented by a mystery writer.

Directed by Roland West
Starring Tullio Carminatti
Charles Herzinger
Jewel Carmen
Louise Fazenda
Emily Fitzroy
George Beranger
Arthur Housman
Robert McKim

About Coupler:
Started in 2012, Coupler is the pseudonym of Ryan Norris and a rotating cast of collaborators; Rodrigo Avendano, Rollum Haas and Michael Hilger among them. It’s membership has occasionally swollen to eight but its core is Norris and a maelstrom of ideas.

Screening will be out on the Comfort Station Lawn.

Programmed for Comfort Station by Raul Benitez, Emily Perez and Mathew Tapey.

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