Jul 6th 2022


Throughout the Pandemic reading levels in Black and Brown communities have fallen and many of our children are behind. These statistics caused Zahra Baker to think deeply about what it has meant for us to take care of our own education throughout time and what this means in imagining what education means for our future.

The current school system does not serve the genius that lives in our youth. In fact it squashes it out. We already know that many of our schools are training grounds to go into the world and simply become machines who make money for other people instead of ourselves. We already know that our schools are pipelines to prisons.

Join Mama Zahra Baker as she takes us on a three week journey to explore our own genius as Black People and how we will amplify our own learning for the future.

Week one: The learning of Ancient Cultures

Week Two: Movements of Black Learning through time

Week Three: Our personal and collective oath the future of Black Genius.


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