Jul 8th 2022

Join us for the July edition of the CLEAT Series where we explore new work on our 16-channel speaker system. We’ll be featuring long running project Coppice and the Elastic debut of Chicago project Leash.

Coppice – Sonic Observation: Diffusion without Simulation

Coppice was founded by Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer in Chicago in 2009, as an inquiry into the capture and generation of music and its relationship to its physical sources. Its compound studies include Bellows & Electronics (prepared pump organs, shruti boxes, and tape processors) between 2009–2014, and Physical Modeling & Modular Syntheses between 2014–2018 – focusing on the interactions between direct and reproduced sound, and the perceptual links between original and emulated sources, respectively.

Its third study in Phonography & Fiction (in progress since 2018) scrutinizes the dynamics between its previous two studies, and their relationship to architecture and time: the acoustic preservation and obsolescence of the Yerkes Observatory’s refractor and reflector telescopes in Williams Bay being the locus of investigation.

This performance will include sound from all three phases of Coppice (2009 – present).


Leash is a project of musician and visual artist Jordan Rundle. Investigating the boundaries of electroacoustic space, dance music, sound art, and beyond, Jordan creates finely textured compositions and live performances seeking to express the ineffable through the wires.

Jordan also creates music as Packmember Angel, an alias he uses for his voice and lyric-driven songs, and was previously a member of Seattle avant-rock quartet Newaxeyes, who released their 2018 album Black Fax on Important Records.

$15 – Tickets Available at the Door

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