Jun 2nd 2022

OUNDARYMIND: Community Recording Session
Saturday, May 21
P.O. Box Collective, 6900 N. Glenwood Ave.
FREE & open to the public

The BOUNDARYMIND Community Record Sessions invite the public to contribute sounds and objects to an ongoing project by Katherine Young and Linda Jankowska that explores the geographic, cultural, pyschological, and musical boundaries that impact how we share our past, present, and future.

During free community recording sessions, you are invited to explore the sounds of your own object with personal significance. All you need to bring is the object! Any object! Childhood toys, tattered T-shirts or sentimental souvenirs. Anything! Without damaging the object, you can scrape, tap, bow, boing, ping, and otherwise resonate it. Play around. Explore the quiet details it offers. We will provide microphones and other tools so you can listen in to your object and the memories it holds. You will get a copy of the recording, and, with your permission and if you’d like to participate, your recording could be added to a database of sounds for participants and future iterations of boundarymind.

COMMUNITY RECORDING DATES (Free and open to the public!)

Saturday, May 21, 2-5pm – POBox Collective — stay for Jessica Mueller’s community table cloth project!

Saturay, May 28, 2-5pm – Berger Park w/ RomanSusan

Thursday, June 2, 4-7pm – 6018|North — stay for a free BBQ!

The complete boundarymind work premieres on June 3rd, 2022 at 6018 North, with a repeat performance on June 5th. These two public performances will include original, collaboratively composed music presented within a multimedia environment. Throughout the performance space we will install objects and materials – ceramic pots, plastic toys, wooden spoons, pine straw, sugar packets, and other things – chosen for their personal significance and power to evoke memories of places from our childhoods. For Linda, the space is a cottage in rural Poland where she spent formative years. For Katie, it is her early childhood home in Mississippi. On a series of visits in 2015, we gathered objects and sound recordings from these places.


Artist Statement

Working on this project, we have become acutely aware of how sharing the history and the personal significance of the objects we are performing with deepens our connection, allowing us to build the trust we need to make music together. Our collaborative process and boundarymind’s unique soundworld became charged with emotional significance and shared meaning. Thus, in this project the unexpectedly musical sounds of household objects allow us to investigate the formation of bonds forged by individuals from different backgrounds. Taking our collaborative musical relationship as a starting point, we will invite listeners and other makers to contribute to the work, sharing memories and sounds from their pasts, as well as their aspirations for our collective future.


“It is as though we…believe that we should have rather than that we shall lose. We should be able to find our way back again by the objects we dropped, like Hansel and Gretel in the forest, the objects reeling us back in time, undoing each loss, a road back from lost eyeglasses to lost toys and baby teeth. Instead, most of the objects for the secret constellations of our irrecoverable past, returning only in dreams where nothing but the dreamer is lost. They must still exist somewhere: pocket knives and plastic horses don’t exactly compost, but who knows where they go in the great drifts of objects sifting through our world….” – Rebecca Solnit

“Life is created by events, but it is only when we are able to interpret them, try to understand them and lend them meaning that they are transformed into experience. Events are facts, but experience is something inexpressibly different. It is experience, and not any event, that makes up the material of our lives. Experience is a fact that has been interpreted and situated in memory. It also refers to a certain foundation we have in our minds, to a deep structure of significations upon which we can unfurl our own lives and examine them fully and carefully. “ – Olga Tokarczuk

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