May 27th 2022

The Movement for the Liberation of the Narrative-Exodus and the Divine Humor is an installation focused on the hermeneutic and psychological examination of sacred texts free of didactic presentation and respectful of all paths.

Sacred texts are understood as agents or vessels of transformation, whose purpose is to propel us out of our comfort zone and to enable change and growth. The literal layer of the story is treated as a “temporary structure” for understanding the human journey. The same systems of decoding sacred texts that Granite explores may be applied to our personal narrative, starting with the question, What is the purpose of the narrative?

This installation focuses on Exodus as an allegory for collective paradigm shifts and the ever-present yearning for freedom.

The installation is composed of 11 short animations that are the chapters/stages of the story/transformation. The context behind this installation/examination is the concept of the “Breaking of the Vessels,” “Shevirat Ha-Kelim,” meaning the purpose for the creation of the world and for humanity in its ultimate role. The visual space includes the staging of the animations and large-scale prints of broken glass, as a visual metaphor for our fragility and the essentiality of gentleness.

The animations are available on Granite Palombo Amit’s website:

Or her YouTube channel:


Granite Palombo Amit is an interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally in Chicago, New York, Paris, Edinburgh, Washington, Toronto, and Hamburg.

Integrating her training as a therapist, she initiates outreach projects with people who were previously incarcerated, youth at risk, residents of domestic violence shelters, youth in detention centers, and people seeking asylum. She developed her own therapeutic model, which concludes in a collaborative exhibit or performance with her clients to demonstrate the paradigm shift that they undergo, from survivors of socioeconomic conditions such as trauma, poverty and systemic racism to becoming the ambassadors, teachers and healers of those same phenomena.

These performances and exhibitions were displayed at the Art Institute of Chicago, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago, the Hamlin Theater, and ARC gallery.

Granite Palombo was ordained as a Rabbi in 2016, exploring Jewish mystical texts and healing. She focuses on the principles of sacred texts and animates them. By making them more accessible, the contemporary and transformative essence of these texts is revealed.

Granite Palombo Amit integrates interdisciplinary art, therapy, and rabbinical training.

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