Apr 8th 2022

Threaded Together

@ Alma Art + Interiors

3636 S Iron St, Chicago, IL 60609

Opening Friday, April 8th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, July 31st

Last year, Oliva Gallery and Architectural Anarchy debuted Alma, Art & Interiors, a large-scale exhibition that combined the sensibility of a living room with the prestige of fine art. Bringing the spirit of the home to the gallery, Alma featured 30 Chicago artists in dozens of mixed media vignettes, from contemporary painting to metal work to antique furniture and more.

LKM Consulting joins the Alma team for its latest exhibition, Threaded Together, opening April 8th, 5:00pm – 9:00pm, at 3636 S. Iron in Bridgeport. Using last year’s same, beautiful 9,000 sq. ft. 20th century loft space, Lynn Manilow of LKM Art Consulting has guest-curated the next installment of Alma alongside Alma founders Gosia Korsakowski and Kimberly Oliva, further showcasing Chicago and its compelling art scene.

With an extended roster of artists, Threaded Together represents the best not only of Alma but also LKM Art Consulting, introducing myriad art making materials and practices including collage, gems & crystals, vintage stamps, metal sculptures, alongside the painting, fiber art, sculpture, wood work and textiles from last year. About the show’s title, curator Lynn Manilow, says “We are all bound together by fragile threads. Covid certainly crystalized that in a global way. But by coming together, we are all stronger. That’s how I see this exhibit and all that it represents.”

LKM Art Consulting is a Chicago-based art consulting company that works with clients to educate, advise and purchase contemporary art. Threaded Together explores a dynamic range of artistic mediums that will entice the viewer to investigate both materials and artistic content at a deeper level. LKM envisioned an exhibit where materials that vastly differ from each other are paired in order to explore artistic messages. For example, artist Jordan Scott creates paintings using vintage stamps reminiscent of an actual quilt, which will sit alongside the magnificent quilts created by Sarah Nishiura. On the other hand, Dana Rogers meticulously creates paintings with gems & healing crystals from the earth, and will sit in dialogue with Maggie Meiners thought-provoking digitally-manipulated landscape photographs that explore human impact on our land. And a richly textured, organic, mixed media masterpiece by Lynn Basa will contrast the slick, often shimmery, textured mixed media wall sculptures of Sarah Raskey. “Comparisons and contrasts will be key to this curation and viewers can expect the unexpected,” Lynn Manilow reflects.

Threaded Together first opens April 8th, from 5:00pm – 9:00pm at 3636 S. Iron St., Chicago, IL 60603, continuing the 9th and 10th from 12:00pm- 5:00pm.

The Grand Opening is May 6th, 5:00pm – 9:00pm, with wine, spirits, a DJ, an artist reception, and valet.

Anthony Adcock, Michelle Peterson Albandoz, Macus Alonso, Pinar Aral, Anoush Bargamian, Lynn Basa, Marc Benja, Bojana Ilic-Bojitt, Curtis Anthony Bozif, Mia Capodilupo, Elizabeth Coyne, Salvador Dominguez, Sarah Dupré, Stanley Dean Edwards, Melon Sprout, Walter A. Fydryck, Amanda Gentry, Eric Gushee, Chris Heck, Dorothy Hughes, Brenda Jackson, Terry Karpowicz, Erin Kaya, Stephen Klassen, Pauline Kochanski, Rika Kova, Melissa Leandro, Beth LeFauve, Sandra Leonard, Nathan Mason, Thomas Masters, Maggie Meiners, Scott Mossman, Martina Nehrling, Sarah Nishiura, Raul Ortiz, Louise Pappageorge, Corinne D. Peterson, Jennifer Presant, Sarah Raskey, Dana Rogers, Spencer Rogers (RIP), Jeffrey Sanderson, Jordan Scott, Yvette Kaiser Smith, Yasmin Spiro, Ginny Sykes, Indira Johnson, Allison Svoboda and Zachary E. Weber.



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