Apr 9th 2022



1724 S Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, April 9th, at 6PM

On view through Friday, May 6th

Spencer Hutchinson: Ab Ex rug paintings

The rug paintings engage my interest in the Ab Ex sense of scale common to both Ab Ex paintings and area rugs as well as explore the juxtaposition of the tight, ornate, geometry of the rugs, and the explosive energetic use of color and composition in Ab Ex painting. Using the rugs as a ground creates a push/pull tension that keeps the eye moving across the surface of the piece and subverts the reliance upon the blank canvas as the starting point of artistic activity. Painting on rugs is also a labor intensive, highly process oriented activity that requires creating an adequate ground to which to apply paint. The physicality of this process informs the ultimate artistic product and the dynamic quality of the painting.

Renee Baker: Artist Statement

My works are dark recitatives that speak directly to the frazzled sort of lives we lead today. Always looking for meaning, but also searching for ways to peek, to be different , to be noticed. As a disruptive recontextualist, I present work that I hope will challenge the way you think about the way you see the world, how you process information and to ponder what your statement to the world is to be. To challenge the viewer beyond existing but hopefully to actively engage in that dark, futuristic voyage of your own. As an artist, I work in experimental film, improvised music, dance, jazz theatre, butoh, visual art (canvas, paper), book arts, sculptural reconfigure of scores, and sound art installations.

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