Apr 8th 2022

Juan Arango Palacios and Kevin Sabo: Bimbofication Sensation

@ Povos Chicago

2000 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, April 8th, from 5PM - 9PM

On view through Sunday, May 22nd

Bimbofication Sensation is a duo exhibition featuring works by Juan Arango Palacios and Kevin Sabo. Reflecting on notions of gender identity, femininity, and a queer experience, these works personify the artists’ expression of the inner-self. Heavily influenced by Drag culture, these paintings flaunt notions of extravagance and boldness. Establishing a visual vernacular for contemporary queerness, these works blend reality and fantasy into a
vocabulary that empowers and validates queer folks.

Arango Palacio’s images of queer selfies, which reference internet culture, are a taste of reality among Sabo’s repetetive characters which invite the viewer into a drag simulation with an infinite number of outfits and possibilities. Looking back at their childhood in the 2000’s
both artists reference fashion trends and pop cultures that influenced their queer identity in their formative years, and which still influence how they present themselves today.

Arango Palacio’s reggaeton-inspired club looks paired with Sabo’s pop diva rosters would bring about a gallery environment where the queer expereince is not only unapologetically represented, but also uplifted, celebrated, and rejoiced. Ultimately rooted in their upbringing in cultures where queerness was unacceptable, these works are a result of years of pain, confusion, and denial.

Championing a cathartic painting practice, these artists create images of internet realities and nostalgic fantasies that manifest only love and self-acceptance– leaving behind years of repression, and taking on a painted self that is confidently unstoppable, and dazzling in every

Stop by the opening reception April 08, regular gallery hours to resume following week.

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