Apr 2nd 2022

On Saturday April 2nd, 6-10PM at Co-Prosperity in Bridgeport: Flatland (Chris Reeves and Curtis Miller) will release its third and final publication, “An Atlas,” a 140 page compendium of 55 artists considering space and place moonlighting as an oversized book. This event doubles as Flatland’s final event, so on view will be ephemera and artwork from previous Flatland exhibitions from Kristin Abhalter Smith, Jesse Malmed and Nellie Kluz, Mike Lopez, By Way of Today, Tamara Becerra Valdez, Jane Carver, Josh Rios, Lauren Sudbrink, and Jenn Smith. Other things on view include: one of Dick Higgins’ original map paintings ca. 1980-90; Simon Anderson on hand to stamp custom passport stamps on copies of “An Atlas”; a print of encouragement from Breanne Trammell; directions to Co-Pro from Chris Collins; LIVE performances from Albert Aguliar, Anna Johnson, Jesse Malmed, and Madeleine Aguilar. And of course: copies of “An Atlas” on sale at a recession buster price of $35.

Contributors to “An Atlas” include: Aaron Walker, Alan Smart, Alberto Aguilar, Alden Burke, Alex Bradley Cohen, Alexis Brocchi, Alison Cekala, Amanda Cervantes, Andre Alves, Asha Iman Veal, Ashley M. Freeby, Avril Thurman, Ayesha Singh, Barbarita Polster, Benjamin Creech, Breanne Trammell, Chris Reeves, Claire Fleming Staples, Colleen Keihm, Curtis Miller, Danny Floyd, Deborah Stratman, Erin Hayden, Falak Vasa, Hyung Jung Jun, Isaac Hand, Isaac Vazquez, Ishita Dharap, Jacob Riddle, Jen Delos Reyes, Jenn Smith, Jesse Malmed, Joshi Radin Flores, Judith Brotman, Julia Klein, Juliette Walker, Keaton Fox, Kushala Vora, Kyle Bellucci Johanson, Kyle Schlie, Lauren Sudbrink, Lindsey French, Loraine Wible, Mairead Grace Delaney, Maggie Wong, Matt Morris, Matthias Monogyios, misael soto, Nick Jirasek, Owen Smith, Ricardo Vilas, Rohan Ayinde, Shir Ende, Simon Anderson, Simone Whiteley-Allen, Titus Wonsey, Willa Smart

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