Apr 1st 2022

A small train going a long way is a work of abstract sonic interventions in public spaces, documented through videos, sounds, maps, scores, and performance ephemera. It unfolds in collaboration with the unpredictable sounds of its environment, facilitating transient experiences of familiar places.

Artists Lia Kohl and Nick Meryhew take as their starting point the experience of the passerby, a mover observed from a static position. The passerby embodies an anonymous ephemerality, articulating time through their movement in ways both profound and mundane. In documenting these movements, the artists create an experience of a malleable and cyclical time: the passerby serves as the hands of an ever shifting and scarcely legible clock.

The work will be on exhibition in Experimental Sound Studios Audible Gallery from April 1st through May 8th. The artists will present a performance on the evening of the gallery opening.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency.



Nick Meryhew and Lia Kohl are musicians and performance artists based in Chicago, working with sound as object and collaborative act. Their work together explores intimacy, alienation, time and death. It manifests as performance, sculpture, sound and image.

Nick is an experimental musician, sound collage artist, curator, teacher, and armchair geologist. Their work explores ideas of assemblage, hybridity, and nonhierarchy through a sculptural approach to found sound. They make sound with gameboys, computers, and field recordings. They teach kids in Chicago Public Schools to explore creativity and possibility through experimental music making and performance.

Lia is an experimental musician, collaborator, and composer. She creates and performs music and multimedia performance that incorporates sound, video, movement, theater, and sculptural objects. She makes sound with the cello, synthesizers, field recordings, and radios. She plays all kinds of music, from rock to free improvisation to accompaniment for shadow puppet theater.

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