Nov 6th 2021

The Warmth of Proximity

@ Experimental Sound Studio


Opening Saturday, November 6th, at 4PM

Saturday, November 6, 2021
4pm CT
Streaming on Twitch
FREE, $5+ suggested donation (100% goes to the artists)

The Warmth of Proximity is a concert series dedicated to free improvised music, experimental music & creative music performed by womxn & non-binary artists from all around the world.

Artist Line Up & Set Times

4:00pm CT – Paula Shocron (AR)

4:30pm – Selma Savolainen (FIN)

5:00pm – Monnette Sudler-Honesty (US)

5:30pm – Chloe Kim (AUS/KOR)

6:00pm – Ada Rave (AR/NL)

6:30pm – Concepción Huerta (MX)

Artist Bios

Paula Shocron 

Music, improviser, creator, performer, researcher and teacher born in the city of Rosario in 1980, Argentina, resident in the city of Buenos Aires since 2004.

Although she trained as a classical pianist from the age of 5 and later as a composer at the UNR School of Music, her musical activity always centered around improvisation, encompassing various aesthetics from jazz to contemporary music or sound art. Over the years his interest in transdiscipline grew, adding and integrating to his work and research other arts such as dance, performing arts, poetry, visual arts, both in individual works and in works in collaboration with other artists.

Today he has already released more than 30 albums under his name or in co-production with other artists. Among them, Amphitryon (NDR) and “Tensegridad” (hatOLOGY) stand out along with SLD Trio, which had excellent international reviews. On the other hand, he co-leads with the musicians Miguel Crozzoli and Pablo Díaz the independent label Nendo Dango Records. Since 2014 he has been conducting artistic exchanges with musicians living in the city of NY, albums such as Cooperative Sound, (together with various artists and co-produced with the organization Continuum Culture & Arts, Inc) Emptying the Self and Live at Ibeam (together with William Parker and Pablo Díaz), Geograficciones (along with Andrew Drury and other Argentine musicians) or Future Retrospection (along with Kristin Norderval and Pablo Díaz), all edited by NDR, are the result of these encounters.

As a dancer / performer, she trained and researched alongside different artists from the world of dance and performance. His IMUDA project, (created in 2010 and in force until 2017), was a project that arose from the need to cross artistic worlds. This was the basis of his current workshop The Rhythmic Body which, since 2016, is his personal space for the investigation of the relationships between rhythm and movement. Within this context the performative project “Algo en un Espacio Vacío” was born together with the drummer Pablo Díaz, and with whom he has toured several cities within Argentina, the United States and several European countries.

In January 2019 she was awarded by the Robert Bielecki Foundation (NY)

Since 2006 he has been a tenured teacher in the Jazz Race at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory.

Since 2020 she has been a curator in the music area of MAGMA Centro de Artes.


Ada Rave

Ada Rave (1974, Comodoro Rivadavia), is an Argentinian saxophonist, improviser and composer. Ada’s instrumental approach is based on research into a wide variety of techniques, conventional and unorthodox, which allow her to create a highly personal narrative in real time composition. In addition to her ability to perform with an incredible degree of abstraction, she also boasts one of the boldest tenor sounds around.

As a young child, Ada grew up in rural Patagonia before moving to Buenos Aires where she finished her primary education and began performing as a musician. She was an active part of the local jazz scene but became interested in improvised music and composition quite early, which led her to lead ensembles of her own that performed at venues and festivals all over Argentina. In 2013, she decided to move to Europe to explore the rich field of free improvisation scenes and to learn more about the possibilities of this music. Based in Amsterdam she immediately integrated the improvised music community. Ada has become one of the most in demand saxophonists on the scene. She’s performed throughout Europe solo and with her trio, as well as in various projects including Hearth, the Kaja Draksler Octet and The Ex. Ada is also active as a music educator and organizer of the series Impro Jam at De Ruimte. Since September 2019 she become part of the internationally acclaimed DOEK collective.


Monnette Sudler

Monnette’s loves music by classic jazz guitarists like Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, and Bolo Sete. She continues to be inspired by her family, colleagues and the communities where she has either lived or been of some service. Monnette grew up listening to Nat King Cole and the Motown sounds. Her first teacher was a positive influence that taught folk music of different eras, Paul Simon, Richie Havens, Joni Mitchell and Mississippi Reds. Later Monnette was influenced by the music of John Coltrane, Yuseef Lateef, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Wayne Shorter and Miles Davis.


Monnette’s music reflects her diverse exposure and love of varied genres. Monnette’s first recording was with the group Sounds of Liberation with Byard Lancaster and Khan Jamal. This group has released a current CD called Unreleased on Dogtown records with Brewerytown Beats. Her initial CD’s as a leader were recorded for Steeplechase records staying within the instrumental jazz genre with straight ahead, funky grooves on guitar and an occasional sultry vocal styling. Later CD’s on MSM-Records and Discograph reflect a more eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary jazz, soul and poetry. Monnette plays bass as well as lead guitar, drums and various African string and/ percussion instruments. She is a prolific composer and songwriter/poet who has  to scored and or arranged for various ensemble configurations.

Chloe Kim 

Chloe’s interest in jazz and improvised music has been growing since she came to Australia in 2012. She developed her strength as a drummer whilst studying Jazz Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and extended her studies into a Masters by Research (2020 – 2021). She has broadened her view and experience as a musician by actively getting involved in the current Australian music scene and as a result, was appointed as a lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium Drum Set department in 2021.

 Chloe values playing and knowledge-sharing opportunities with her family-like cohorts in Australia.

She co-leads several bands that are highly active in Sydney’s jazz, improvising, experimental music scene, including minimalist/drone/jazz/rock group HOLOPEAK, a bass/drum duo JACHLO, a 9-piece female jazz ensemble RAINPATTERNS and percussion trio TA GO LAK which responds Korean folk and Shamanic drumming traditions. With these groups, Chloe developed her capacity in bringing individual tastes and influences that span various genres together.

Highlights of Chloe’s career to date include performing with established Australian musicians such as Simon Barker, Barney McAll, Christopher Hale, Jeremy Rose (she was featured as a soloist in Jeremy Rose’s ‘Disruption: The Voice Of Drums’ at Sydney Festival 2021), Alister Spence, Hilary Geddes, Andrea Keller, Chris Abrahams and Matt Keegan. Chloe also works closely with various organisations: she has been a translator for a Korean Pansori master, Ildong Bae, faculty assistant, artist minder and performer in the Australian Art Orchestra’s Creative Music Intensive Course (2016 – 2021), Interlingua Symposium (2017, 2018) and various concert series. She has been given privileged opportunities to play at the Vivid Festival (2016, 2017), Sydney Con International Jazz Festival (2018, 2021). Chloe has been having an ongoing interaction with Museum of Old and New Arts (Tasmania, 2016 – 2021) and the Sydney Improvised Music Association: Young Womens Jazz Orchestra (2016), Winter Jazz (2017), the International Women’s Jazz Festival (2017, 2018) and featured in Sonic Futures (2019) as an outstanding young jazz talent.

 Chloe wishes to express the inspirations and passion she absorbed from being in a generous and encouraging music environment in Australia through making music continuously. Becoming an encouraging musician and friend with a strong sense of community and offer back inspiration – is also Chloe’s ongoing motivation.

Selma Savolainen 

Selma Savolainen (b.1993) is an aspiring vocalist and composer hailing from Helsinki, Finland. She grew up as an only child in artistically devoted family which has encouraged her to approach music making with an open mind and curiosity. Even though her musical roots lay in jazz, diverse influences from other genres can be heard in her singing and writing.

Savolainen is an alumni of the Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead program and the Banff International Workshop for Jazz and Creative Music. She has studied at the Sibelius Academy and the Conservatory of Paris.

Concepción Huerta

Keen documentarian of the experimental scene in Mexico, Concepción Huerta has extended her creative practice of visiual media towards sound design. With a constant activity in the noise, impro and audivisual collaboration circuit. Concepción has an EP for Concepción has an EP for Vorágine, an album for Static Discos, Personal Territories (2019), an upcoming release with the Amor Muere ensemble and an extensive list of collaborations that include artists like Turning Torso, Fernando Vigueras, CNDSD, Nika Milano and Viian. Concepción creates aural textures of narrative background with ambient and noise as pillars and for Edition 16 she’ll present A-way from fiction, a multimedia performance that abbreviates from the different disciplines that nourish her trajectory to narrate the stories of imaginary characters.

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