Nov 7th 2021

Giovanna Pizzoferrato Ribeiro: Burning in Heaven

@ Parlour and Ramp

2130 W 21st St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Sunday, November 7th, from 6:30PM - 9:30PM

On view through Sunday, November 21st

Burning In Heaven addresses frustrations with communication and broken relationships, the impulses and temporality of passion, and the search for safe spaces and sanity amidst chaos. I am fatigued of the necessary resilience of Woman and Femme. It is required because of the disrespect and violence towards her being and her body. Witches and Saints alike are burned and beheaded by small angry men. However, simply resenting the need for constant self-defense is not enough. Pepper spray, pocket knives, and witnesses are not enough.

So I find comfort and healing by turning trauma and heartbreak into intimate vignettes and clever jokes. I carve a ceramic comic strip about being groped by a stranger in the midst of a pandemic where I can’t see my friends or hug my family. I make relentlessly tender portraits of unrequited crushes and ghosting FWB’s.

Burning in Heaven delights in the power of destruction, calculated responses to strong emotions, and acceptance of mistakes. Like magic, I rearrange harsh words into poetry, I transform mud into stone, and I forgive my own sadness into many glowing stars. I will not cut
off my ear, and I would sooner paint my anger than resort to arson. I do confess to smashing dishware in the alley, and ripping up pictures and paintings of ex-friends and ex-lovers. My artwork also utilizes humor to deal with chauvinism, whether it be through a delightfully
yonic chess set, or making the objectively powerful Queen the tallest piece in the game. Text messages dripping with toxic masculinity are painstakingly copied, decorated with eggshells, shards of glass, and my dusty footprints.

Burning in Heaven sends prayers for protection, and asks you to let me know when you get home safe. This work acknowledges the trappings of mainstream and binary expectations of gender, monogamy and “correctness”, but still speaks its own truth. We recognize strength in
vulnerability, and welcome warmth and softness. An invitation to silliness, familiar teasing, and a loving embrace, when you’re ready – and if you want to.

Giovanna Pizzoferrato Ribeiro (b. 1991, Los Angeles) began her education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and received her BFA from ArtCenter College of Design. Her artwork has been exhibited in São Paulo, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. Giovanna’s work was printed
in the UCLA-Hammer Association’s Graphite Journal. She was a featured lecturer at the Hammer Museum for the book launch. Her work has also been published in Compound Butter, MECAJournal, and Protean Magazine. She has had solo exhibitions at project MECAintro in São
Paulo, Brazil, and The Hermitage Los Angeles. At her residency at Ceramics School, Giovanna hosted a garden chess party and artist talk as part of the Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival in 2021. Her artwork was the inaugural installation at The Waterfall, a project space in Detroit. Burning in Heaven is her first solo exhibition in Chicago.

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