Oct 9th 2021

Compound Yellow
Open House Group Show
for Terrain Biennial

Saturday, October 9, 2021
2:00 PM 9:00 PM
Compound Yellow

Join us throughout the day on October 9th as we open our space as a host site for Terrain Biennial 2021. To honor this event we have invited back some of our past collaborators as well as a few new ones for a group show of installations, performances, poetry readings, and film screenings celebrating our relationship with the environment, plants, trees and each other.

Performances & Films by:

(See our website for more details on artists and installations at

2pm – “Party Balloons”, a performance by Keeley Haftner

3-4pm – Poetry Readings featuring Amanda Loch & Matt Nicholas

4-6pm – Open Mic & Cookout

6-7pm – New Sound Performance by Norman Long
Recordings from Pine tree needles +

7-8pm – Experimental Films featuring work by:

Amandsa Loch and Madeleine Aguilar: poem for a tree
Xiaoqing Zhu: Eight Attempts
Laura Shaeffer, Madeleine Aguilar, & Amanda Loch: Crow movie
Matt Koester

8-9pm – Performance, installation and projection by Tony Foley

Installations throughout the space:

Laura Shaeffer:

Madeleine Aguilar:
Mobile Music Maker
You are here: rest stop and bulletin board
Compound Yellow sign
Prairie garden sign

Amy Huske and Madeleine Aguilar
collaborative mural

Regin Igloria: Everything Moves with Me: Mobile Cabinet

Tiny Domingos:
Hybrid Togetherness / Cosmic Twins
QR codes
images and short videos of Hybrid Togetheness

Marianne Fairbanks:
Holding Patterns
window installation

Pityless Consulting:
99 Microdoses
prompts for everyday learning

Current Exhibtion: Marcelo Eli Sarmiento presents new works on paper and paintings in a solo exhibition, De Sangre De Tierra y De Oro, which translates to “Of Blood Of Earth And Of Gold.”
Curated by AMFM:

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