Oct 16th 2021

ANATOMY FOR INTERIORS: a new performance by Lia Kohl, Jasmine Lupe Mendoza, and Corey Smith

It feels obtuse to say our subject is “bodies in space,” but give me a second to convince you that this is quite important.

When we all met together for the first time, we met inside and brought chairs to sit in. A chair is a funny thing — it is useful, it is everywhere, it is almost entirely forgettable. A chair also, vitally, makes a room feel like a room. What does a chair have? A chair has an invitation for a body. And that’s important — that bodies feel invited. (The sheer hostility and frustration of being in a place with no seating! What inhumanity!)

We have been investigating these sorts of invitations, the provocations of a seat, a wall, a light, a table. We have constructed a performance inside an interior that is barely there — the installation outside of Comfort Station by the architecture firm, Via Chicago. It’s an outline of a space, the faint suggestion of something. We are bringing ourselves and our radios, mirrors, and cakes to see what we can do these invisible rooms.

What does a room have? A room has us and you.

Please accept our invitation to sit with us for some time, to listen and watch, to make a space. We’d be delighted to have you.

5:30pm, October 16th, 2021
Comfort Station Logan Square
Free, donations encouraged

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