Sep 5th 2021

Sunday, September 5, 2021
11am CT
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Reflecting on live actions in the public space in relation to these challenging times, can we consider live stream platforms as other sites for experimental practices?

In this context where we control exactly what we show and what we hide, what connections do we make between the necessities of our actions and the images we choose to communicate?

Without thinking that live platforms should, in any way, replace the direct experience of action art, I believe that it is quite crucial to collectively rethink several ways of meeting and continuing to make work, as well as to reflect on the various forms of dissemination of action art.

Perhaps it is possible to find a balance that would enable us to explore these questions and to adapt without compromising the work, be it radical, subtle or furtive.

In order to open a common space of reflection on these subject matters, I wished to gather the work of four women artists, who question the cultural constructions in relation to the image of the body and specifically the female body.

Whether it is establishing strategies of discomfort to explore certain evocative qualities of the unspectacular or embodying gestures that attempt to distort a situation in order to address opposites such as attraction and repulsion, these women share a very personal way of exploring notions of limits and resistance, while using the body as a site of experience and possibilities.

It is with much pleasure that I invite you, on September 5th at 6pm (CET), on the Out of Site platform in collaboration with the Experimental Sound Studio to discover the committed and uncompromising work of Émilie Franceschin, Michelle Lacombe, Carron Little and Manuela Macco.

Martine Viale

FEATURED ARTISTS (in order of appearance)

Carron Little

Émilie Franceschin

Manuela Macco

Michelle Lacombe


Emilie Franceschin: After obtaining her DNSEP at the Beaux Arts de Toulouse in 2007, she continued her artistic work in the field of performance art. She has participated in various performance festivals in Germany, Italy, Canada and she has also intervened in galleries and various art centers throughout France.

Her work is concerned with the action of performance, the act of performing and involves gestures that aim to overturn through ridicule and dirtiness what may be attractive or admired.

She is currently finishing an artist’s book project, Tu ne te souviendras pas, based on her reflections on archiving performance art.

Since graduating from Concordia University in 2006, Michelle Lacombe (Montreal QC.), has developed a body-based practice located at the intersection of performance and mark making. Her work has been shown in Canada and abroad in the context of performance events, exhibitions and conferences. She is currently the director of VIVA!Art Action.

Carron Little
fuses poetry and public performance practices to create interactive experiences and facilitates civic engagement projects for cities and neighborhoods. She co-founded Out of Site in 2011 and is committed to work that expands social dialogue.

Manuela Macco is a visual artist based in Turin (IT), she works with performance, video, installation, text, collage, drawing, photography. Being interested in the relationship between mind and body she investigates the border areas. Through minimal actions, sometimes physically demanding, she explores the notions of limit and resistance and the tensions related to them.

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