Sep 12th 2021

Demilitarise: 20 Years of the War on Terror

@ PO Box Collective

6900 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Opening Sunday, September 12th, from 3:30PM - 6PM

On view through Saturday, October 30th

Please join us for the reopening of our gallery space to view “Demilitarise: 20 Years of the War on Terror,” a new exhibit that will open on September 12th and run through October with various related events.

The exhibits offers us a chance to reflect and learn as we mark the twenty years after the events of 9/11 and the subsequent forever wars, drone strikes, torture and attacks on civil liberties.

3:30 – doors open

4:00 – Presentation by Dr. Maha Hilal, co-director of Justice for Muslims Collective in Washington DC, and author of the forthcoming “Innocent Until Proven Muslim,” (pre-order here:

5:00 – Screen printing of Fund Healthcare Not Warfare T-shirts, bring your own shirt or make a small donation to support PO Box

20 years of vintage anti-war t-shirt giveaway!! Refreshments!! Community! Ways to take action against war and empire!!!

The exhibit shares work from the following:

“Shattering Justice & Re-Making the Muslim Threat,” is an exhibit that counter-narrates the War on Terror through Muslims eyes. By centering the impact on Muslims, this visual exhibit brings the impact of the many laws and policies that have targeted Muslims, to life. Through this carefully curated poster series, attendees coming to the exhibit will able to better understand what the War on Terror has meant for Muslims both domestically and abroad. (2021 – The Sanctuaries and Justice for Muslims Collective).

The “De-mil-i-ta-rise” portfolio of prints organized in support of Dissenters, a movement organization leading a new generation of young people to reclaim resources from the war industry, reinvest in life-giving institutions, and repair collaborative relationships with the earth and people around the world. (2021 – Just Seeds)

An excerpt from “A Thing of Great Power and Size has Gone Missing,” an extensive timeline citing historical, political, and social events occurring during the U.S. led war on terror, including the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, with a focus on the human body and its destruction, control and exploitation in these conflicts.(2018 -Lucky Pierre).

Panels from “Windows and Mirrors: Reflections on the War in Afghanistan,” an exhibit of large scale paintings. (2010- AFSC).

Co-Sponsored by American Friends Service Committee, PO Box Collective, Justice for Muslims Collective, Just Seeds, StopCVE Chicago, and Lucky Pierre.



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