Aug 14th 2021


@ Elastic Arts


Opening Saturday, August 14th, from 4:20PM - 9PM

The year plus of physical distance has revealed and amplified both the potency and challenges of creating in virtual space, and now we transition to entering each other’s physical space again. This means that working across oceans is possible, as well as in-person performative situations, making now a ripe time for never-before-seen combinations of sounds, images, text, motion, and concepts.


¡HOT MESS! is an opportunity to explore promiscuously inventive hybrid performances simultaneously in physical and virtual space. Concepts of a new world are not as concrete as the process of building one, we wish to experientially create, using improvisation to expand our awareness while creating. and we will depend on one another to find new ways of listening and engaging. We can flex our VR and interpersonal skills while also adapting to new tools, technology and experiences. We can seriously play.


This series focuses on the moments of co-creation and gives the artists a play-space to discover new bways of working together and interacting with the audience. The performance itself demonstrates the power of working together in the unknown, possibilities for queering space, and the beauty in re-starting while making art!




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