Aug 2nd 2021

beyONd GREEN/$

@ Hot Wheelz Festival


On view through Friday, August 6th

beyONd GREEN/$
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curated by M.M.M. (they)
for Hot Wheelz Festival

TRANSMISSIONS: Hot Wheelz Festival Twitch
EVERY DAY [Aug 2-6th] 11am-1pm CST {a long lunch break from work work work}
EVERY NIGHT [Aug 2-6th] 8pm-11pm CST {take a “load off” and put your PJs on for the Moon}

Clareese Hill*
Britney A King*
Adrian Wood
Lindsey french w/ Kristi McGuire*
Mitsu Salmon
Laleh Motlagh
Dao Nguyen*
Darryl DeAngelo Terrell
Kristin Abhalter Smith
Lois Bielefeld
Eliza Fernand
Nick Van Zanten
Ane Weiseth
Travis Mitzel w/ Dalesha
sarah paul
Coral Pereda w/ Grace Grothaus
Whit Forrester
Noa/h Fields


Clareese Hill
“Bird and Bat, Sunrise Sunset,
Infrastructure and Imaginary,
Scholarship and Transcendance”
*Live* performances on Twitch
Monday, August 2 at 8:00pm CST & Friday, August 6th at 8:00pm CST

Dao Nguyen
a play performed by Dao on Twitch
Wednesday, August 4th at 8pm CST

Lindsey french w/ Kristi McGuire
“Let me sip a future beyond my blood”
*Live* Dialogue REMIX
Thursday, August 5th at DUSK 8:35pm CST

Britney A. King
*Live* VJ Performance on Twitch
Friday, August 6 at 10pm CST

Adrian Wood
interactive story-game on their URL link
beginning Monday, Aug 2nd

Eliza Fernand
solo-pandemic-intimate phone experience {call now!}

All works will be available at

Hot Wheelz Festival is a virtual live arts platform that was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is an annual residency for curators who are looking to explore liveness in virtual programming while loosely addressing the question, “How do we keep moving?” Each residency includes a five-day webpage takeover as well as engagements across our different social media channels. Hot Wheelz Festival believes live work hinges on the present experience of the audience, whether that’s watching a live stream, limited engagements with prerecorded work, virtual reality, or an ever-changing webpage. Through these varying responses a “roadmap” is being created on our archive page that represents a coalition of diverse live work in Chicago.

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