Jul 19th 2021


@ Hot Wheelz Festival


On view through Friday, July 23rd

You never leave the house without your make-up, hair, nails, and botox done. Everything is pink, everything is fun, and everything has boobs. BIMBO, a brand new piece from Hot Kitchen Collective, is an exploration of that person. Made in a series of video vignettes released daily, BIMBO pays homage to the bimbos who make their femininity known to the world, and explore how this archetype is worn and performed on different bodies.

Directed by Audrey Polinski, DP Justin Lynk and made with Claudia Castillo, Ida Cuttler, Katelyn Douglass, Jiana Estes, Alex Hovi, Wade Howard, Jasmine Jordan, Andy Slavin, Kori Whitby and Carly Wicks.

All work will be hosted at: hotwheelzfestival.com/current-residency

Hot Wheelz Festival is a virtual live arts platform that was founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is an annual residency for curators who are looking to explore liveness in virtual programming while loosely addressing the question, “How do we keep moving?” Each residency includes a five-day webpage takeover as well as engagements across our different social media channels. Hot Wheelz Festival believes live work hinges on the present experience of the audience, whether that’s watching a live stream, limited engagements with prerecorded work, virtual reality, or an ever-changing webpage. Through these varying responses a “roadmap” is being created on our archive page that represents a coalition of diverse live work in Chicago.

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