Jun 6th 2021

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Spiral Galaxy

Bil Vermette

Marcia Bassett

6 Organs of Admittance

Mountain Movers


Mountain Movers are an underground rock band from New Haven, CT. The band started as a showcase for the songs of Dan Greene, but their psychedelic trajectory grew to include bassist Rick Omonte, drummer Ross Menze, and guitar shredder Kryssi Battaline (who leads the tripped-out Headroom, with whom Omonte frequently collaborates).Their elongated improvisational jams which grow out of sublime tunes,are released by Trouble In Mind Recs.

 Six Organs of Admittance is the primary and longtime musical project of American guitarist Ben Chasny. Six Organs’ brand of astral folk is marked by the use of meditative drones, chimes, and eclectic percussive elements. Chasny is also a member of the acid-punk band Comets on Fire, and has working relationships with Badgerlore, Current 93, Magik Markers, and Rangda with Richard Bishop of Sun City Girls and Six Organs contributor Chris Corsano. Million Togues is thrilled to have his first-ever livestream performance.

Marcia Bassett is a prominent figure in the US underground noise scene, with her output spanning many solo and collaborative projects, often performing/recording as Zaïmph, a project she initiated in 2005. She first made an impact with the Philadelphia outfit Un in the 1990s, before going on to release music with the New York experimental drone group Double Leopards, Hototogisu and Tom Carter as Zaika, as well as her collaborations with Samara Lubelski and Margarida Garcia. This is also her first virtual performance.

Spiral Galaxy is the duo project of flautist Sara Gossett and guitarist/machine manipulator Plastic Crimewave, creating devotional voyages via flute, guitar, sitar, drum machine, drones and other sonics to conjure the kosmische vibe of cosmonauts like Cluster, Yatha Sidhra, Achim Reichel, Amon Duul 1, Ash Ra Tempel, early Kraftwerk. Their Lp on Cardinal Fuzz/Lion sold out last year, and the band has performed/recorded with Jean-Hervé Peron of Faust.

Bil Vermette has been quietly making spacey synthesizer-based music out of the Chicago-area since the mid-70s, performing with the ensemble VCSR, and recording his first solo album, “Katha Visions” in 1984 (both were reissued by Permanent records). Inspired by artists like Klaus Schultze, Manuel Gottsching, Vangelis and others, this is another livestream first for Bil.

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