Jun 12th 2021

Hybrid Togetherness

@ Compound Yellow


Opening Saturday, June 12th, at 10AM

Dear friends,

You are personally invited to participate!

zoom link: Register in advance for this meeting:

Berlin-based artist and researcher Tiny Domingos has been conceiving a participatory workshop as part of the Astral residency at Compound Yellow this summer.

Starting June 12, at 10:00 am, we welcome participants from diverse fields of endeavor and experience for three online workshops (June 12th, 26th and July 10th) on his concept of HYBRID TOGETHERNESS, which aims to build a better common future through poetry, fiction, and art.
Curiosity and imagination are very welcome. No special tools (digital or otherwise), prior knowledge and/or artistic experience are required. We will try to project the lesson on the screen in the CY studio at #244 Lake street for anyone who wants to do the workshops in person! The meeting will be on Zoom so you can attend from anywhere you are!

The planet and its biodiversity can be saved. Together let us embrace the world of the living, the near-living and the non-living. This is a message of hope and a call to action for reconnection and remediation.

PS: We want to create a safe space. The sessions will not be public and/or published on social media.
Please RSVP if you want to participate! We are really excited about this and can’t wait to see on zoom!
The link is https://zoom.us/…/tJ0vfuCqqT4sGtzql8wbVx1u3viEsyKDr9YB
Photo: Müggelsee, Tiny Domingos 2021. Digital photography.

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