Jun 16th 2021

Comfort Films Presents and outdoor screening of:

Church Basement Cinema with Jason Coffman

Two incredibly rare films.

THE GIRL WHO RAN OUT OF NIGHT (1974, dir. Douglas Lloyd McIntosh, 53 minutes)
Susan (Jennifer Boyd) is a teenage runaway from Indiana living in New York City and barely scraping by working at a diner. She falls for easygoing hippie Dusty (Salvatore Viscuso), but soon realizes he is an addict who owes a lot of money to his dealer No Dog (Gale McNeeley). Dusty gets busted and his father refuses to pay the $500 bail, leaving Susan to come up with the cash herself. But that’s a lot of money to come up with on short notice, and soon Susan is in more danger than Dusty ever was when crime lord Fat Abe (Jon Oppenheim) takes a liking to her. Can she escape this life of horror and depravity, or is it too late for her to accept the Lord? The Girl Who Ran Out of Night was produced by New York University, probably as a student project for writer/director Douglas Lloyd McIntosh. It was picked up for distribution by Gateway Films, which had a massive success with The Cross and the Switchblade in 1970 and specialized in dramas marketed to the church distribution circuit. It’s hard to imagine this film playing for church crowds, though, with its frank depiction of drug abuse, sex, and human trafficking. McIntosh would go on to write for TV series including Miami Vice and Amazing Stories as well as several made for TV movies from the 1980s into the 2000s.

Screens with RUN, JIMMY, RUN (1978, dir. Jim Laughlin, 30 minutes): Jimmy is a high school track champ whose father pushes him too hard to succeed. Produced by Family Films, a production company founded in 1948 that made dozens of shorts and TV series from the 1950s to the early 1980s.

All films in 16mm both haven’t been screened since the 1980s.
Runtime: 83mins
This Event is Free and outdoors.

Covid Safety protocols:

The following measures will be required by any person in the area and monitored by attending staff/volunteers:

All persons must wear a mask/face covering (covering both the nose and mouth) in order to enter and leave the viewing area. Maintain social distancing (at least 6 feet) between individuals not within your household or otherwise identified group. While enjoying the program, please self monitor, be aware of your surroundings, be courteous, and be responsible. Masks are not required while sitting on the lawn. The restroom inside Comfort Station will be available for use during the program but mask must be worn inside

the building and only 2 people inside at once while using the bathroom. When the film is over, please be conscientious when leaving the premises, make sure your mask is on, and take care to maintain social distancing from other groups.

Thank you for keeping our neighbors and community safe.

We are excited to welcome everyone back!

Programmed for Comfort Station by Raul Benitez, Nando Espinsoa, Emily Perez, Mathew Tapey.

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