May 8th 2021

Opening reception
Saturday May 8, 2-5 pm
RSVP required. RSVP link will be available on the gallery home page.

Gallery Hours Fridays 12-4 pm or by appointment Monday – Saturday. Free Admission.
Face coverings required to enter the building.

Rebecca Gray Smith explores the presence of death in all human endeavors, using traditional signifiers of mortality such as the skeleton as a primary actor and subject. Each letter or number plate corresponds to a specific fatal activity or malady, highlighting the act of existence as a high risk activity fraught with peril. The artist examines how the Medusa of Death stalks us all, in all walks of life, while at the same time looking at the capriciousness inherent in the present: the absurdities, cruelties, and horrors of modern existence. The history of printmaking is elemental in the helix of human civilization, a taproot reaching back to the prehistoric dawn of mankind.

The “Alphabet and Numbers” is a series of intaglio etchings: upper case letters A-Z with two repeated letters B and C, lower case A-Z plus title plate and end plate, and numbers 0-9 plus a title plate for a total of 67 plates. The images in the uppercase Alphabet series were created over a 25-year period starting around 1989, originally intended as a response to the AIDS crisis. The uppercase edition was printed in 2014, the numbers 2016, and the lower case in 2020. Also included in the exhibition are 2 stone lithograph self-portraits, and a human-scale sculpture.

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