May 10th 2021

In collaboration with the Gene Siskel Film Center, this festival premieres work from the next generation of film, video, sound, and new media artists from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It will include innovative live-action shorts, animation, feature-length narrative and nonfiction works, and experimental pieces. It can be viewed at any time during the seven-day run.

Paige Thomson Alexander, Sofía Alfaro, Emily Anshen, Zoe Butler, Can, Cliff, Cindy Cheng, Cosmo Coffey, FYJ, Calla Flanagan, Jay Jung, Ān Kassel, Haruhi Kobayashi, Ines Moldavsky, orr, Peixuan Ouyang, Haomin Peng, Sophia Pierre, Ravi Shawn Jha, Emilie Robinson, Carly Paige, Kye Benjamin Stone, Adrian Velazquez, Angela Yang, Yuanqing Ye, Yonatan Yin, Zheming Yuan, Siyi Zhang

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Image Credit: Still from The _________ World by Peixuan Ouyang

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