May 8th 2021

The images in Anthony Iacuzzi’s exhibition titled “Polytonal” are a combination of monochromatic and color images of buildings located in Chicago’s central business district. Some of the buildings captured by Iacuzzi with his digital SLR are iconic and easily recognizable, such as the main entrance to the Civic Opera House, or a south view of the Auditorium Building, while others are anonymous, generic and/or abstract. A few of the images vividly contrast architectural styles by superimposing one upon another in the frame. In the image titled “Mondo Condo,” taken in 2016, he focuses on the residential skyscrapers that have come to populate that part of the city. In this series, Iacuzzi endeavors to “showcase the inherent beauty of some of the structures that make Chicago world famous for its wealth of architectural styles and innovation.”

Anthony Iacuzzi is a graphic designer, art director and fine art photographer who has made Evanston, Illinois his home since 1980. His photographic work has received numerous awards and has been shown in galleries locally, nationally and internationally. In 2010 he co-founded Perspective Group and Photography Gallery where he continues to be an active member.

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