Apr 16th 2021


@ Woman Made Gallery

2150 S Canalport Ave, 4A-3, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Friday, April 16th, from 3PM - 7pM

On view through Sunday, May 16th

At the conclusion of one full year of pandemic conditions, the parameters of how we live and move through the world have drastically changed. This exhibition considers the magnitude of this particular moment, as well as conceptual dimensions and negotiations of boundaries broadly, and as particularly experienced by women and non-binary individuals.
In her juror’s statement, Whitney LaMora shares: The opportunity to jury a show under the theme of “Boundaries” in a space dedicated to women and non-binary individuals at the precipice of emerging from a global pandemic is really exceptional. As the reality of what each individual’s new normal would look like set in over the past year, boundaries had to be discovered, set, and considered within our new modalities. While the world was devastated by the pandemic, women became a particular target. Women took the hit when it came to job loss, the massive uptick in at-home responsibility, and the additional pressure of being an emotional centerpoint of so many lives and families. Trans women and non-binary individuals continued to experience disrespect, violence, and instability while watching governments continue to entertain laws that removed their already thin protections. These experiences rang loud and clear in the submissions for this exhibition. Artists spoke of gender identity, motherhood, the healthcare system, the body, physical space, mental health and an incredible amount of nuances in between. I hope the juried exhibition is a sufficient representation of all the rage, heartbreak, frustration, and work that women and non-binary people face every day. Boundaries may feel impossible to set, but as we can see by these powerful works, they are imperative to daily survival.

Exhibiting Artists: Carolina Alamilla, Morgan Bukovec, Tazia Cira, Rebecca Drolen, Marylu E. Herrera, Christine Holtz, Savannah Jubic, Emily Lang, Erica Lee, Eryn Lewis, Jess Levey,Liza MacKinnon, Hazel R. Magnolia, Jennifer Mannebach, Gillian Marwood, Jodye Moon and O’Malley Steuerman, Nirmal Raja, Hayle Silva, Corran Shrimpton, Pam Marlene Taylor, Britny Wainwright, and Jessica Witte

On Thursday, April 15, tune in to WMG’s YouTube Channel for the virtual opening reception of Boundaries juried by Whitney LaMora. Experience a special program hearing from the juror and select featured artists in conversation. At 7PM, move over to the Zoom for a mixer with all exhibiting artists in virtual attendance.

About the Juror
Whitney LaMora (she/her) is a queer Chicago-based creative. Her artistic background spans from theatrical production to art curation, entrepreneurial leadership, goal-oriented mentorship, and beyond. She is a champion of interdisciplinary projects and emerging / DIY creators.
She lives in Logan Square, obsessively reads, and takes in plants. Whitney is the creator of multiple Chicago art entities like Locus and the Accountability Club.

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