Mar 11th 2021

Graduate Lecture: Llio Zogra

@ SAIC Performane


Opening Thursday, March 11th, at 4:30PM


Come see Performance MFA grad Llio Zogra speak about their work and their organization Holly and The Neighbors!

Llio Zogra is a neuroqueer individual who radiates mad scientist energy. Everyone always assumes sunflowers are Llio’s favorite flower, and they’re not wrong. They have unexpectedly received sunflowers at birthdays, openings, and once was gifted two bouquets at a going away party from two different people. When they were first hospitalized for psychosis, they pulled those same bouquets out of their pockets. They recited Since Feeling is First by memory, by heart. Llio is a self-taught poet who spends their summers lifeguarding at the local swimming pool and their winters drinking too many cups of coffee. In the springtime they try not to slaughter flowers and during the autumn they fall in love with the fire of their surroundings, every year, all over again. Llio cherishes their role as Executive Director of Holly and the Neighbors.

Holly and the Neighbors supports multidisciplinary artists and produces work that challenges the status quo, fosters a sense of wonderment, and creates a new kind of inclusive canon along the way. We strive toward equity and catalyzing agency and mobility in each other. We are dedicated to collaborating with people whose visions are other than our own. The staff and ever-growing artist network we are building with our organization is a strung together necklace of every pearl we’ve found by deep diving into the sea. Simply put, we are a hand in a hand. We bring in artists who are excited to weave their worlds into a tapestry clumsily at first, though growing aware over time. Who are searching for a microphone for which to not only speak, but to be heard. We are here to listen, and we hope our audience is ready to do the same.

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