Feb 6th 2021

Virtual Artist Talk: Confluence

@ Heaven Gallery


Opening Saturday, February 6th, from 12PM - 1PM

On view through Saturday, March 13th

Virtual Artist Talk: Confluence
Sunday, February 6th 12-1PM CST

Meeting ID: 816 5168 6042
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81651686042

With artists: Abena Motaboli, Lucia Calderon Arrieta, Ryn Osbourne, and Olive Stefanski

We are fluid beings, filled with energy that cycles through the mind and body, just as water dissipates and returns to its original source, changing forms.

Artists Abena Motaboli, Lucia Calderon, Olive Stefanski, and Ryn Osbourne engage with water as material, and as an essential transformative force, a psychic metaphor, and container for movement.

In Confluence, the artists seek transformation through their work, engaging with water as a space of intimacy and transcendence. Through labor- intensive, meditative processes, including dyeing, staining, stitching, rinsing, and weaving, the artists bring their metaphysical explorations into reality for the viewer to experience, creating space for new understandings to emerge and finding wholeness from many parts. Many of these processes involve water as a means to transform or create the object.

Confluence is grounded in the artists’ exploration of their vulnerabilities and offers a contribution to the conversation on process and materiality.

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