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Learn with artists and visual arts professionals at CAA’s annual conference!  CAA’s Services to Artists Committee facilitates free-and-open programming for artists by artists. The 2021 virtual conference features over 30 sessions available from February 5–March 15 (live content Feb. 10-13). More info: www.servicestoartists.com

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10:00 AM – 6:00 PM    ARTexchange

ARTexchange is a dynamic, interactive pop-up exhibition presented in collaboration with the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in 2021. You can find the complete schedule, workshop descriptions, materials lists, and participating artist bios here.


10:00 – 10:30 AM    A-Frame Coding Workshop with CQDE

This workshop introduces participants to A-Frame, a web framework for building 3D virtual reality experiences for the browser or headset. A-Frame is authored in HTML, making it approachable for all skill-levels. Participants should bring their own laptops, and will learn to create interactive 3D/VR scenes in a friendly environment!

Chairs: KT Duffy, Northeastern Illinois University; Alejandro Acierto, Vanderbilt University


10:30 AM – 12:00 PM    The Black Lunch Table Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Join us for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon hosted by Black Lunch Table! Black Lunch Table mobilizes the creation and improvement of a specific set of Wikipedia articles pertaining to the lives and works of Black artists. At each edit-a-thon participants are provided with a list of suggested artists to add or edit, with particular focus on Black artists who have worked within or are local to the host institution’s community and are currently under-documented on Wikipedia. 91% of Wikipedia editors identify as White and 77% identify as men. Black artists working in the field of mainstream contemporary art are still marginalized within the field and much of that history is omitted from broader art historical narratives. Raising visibility of Black artists, Black Lunch Table introduces tools and strategies to expand the historical canon.

Chair: Heather Hart, Rutgers University

Discussants: Jina Valentine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Eliza Myrie, The Black Lunch Table


12:00 – 12:30 PM    The Black Lunch Table Wikipedia Edit-a-thons Q&A

Black Lunch Table mobilizes a democratic rewriting of contemporary cultural history by animating discourse around and among the people living it. First staged in 2005 at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the project has grown by way of contributions from and collaborations with artists, digital humanities researchers, and Wikipedians.

Chair: Heather Hart, Rutgers University

Discussants: Jina Valentine, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Eliza Myrie, The Black Lunch Table


2:00 – 2:30 PM        Curating During Pandemics: H/F Gallery

This panel introduces Header/Footer gallery curators in conversation with each other and other guest curators focusing on digital exhibition experiences during the pandemic. H/F gallery’s mission to create online exhibition opportunities directly on New Media Caucus’s website, centering New Media artists outside of the normative western New Media canon.

Chairs: Farhad Bahram, Indiana State University; Constanza Salazar, Cornell University

Panelists: Adia Sykes, Independent Curator; KT Duffy, Northeastern Illinois University


4:00 – 4:30 PM        ARTexchange: Lightning Round

In short, lively, lightning round presentations, ARTexchange artists discuss key elements of their practice. Artists show up to 20 images of their work and speak for up to seven minutes each. This session has no Live Q&A.

Chair: Jacquelyn Lee Strycker, School of Visual Arts

Presenters: Heather M. Williams, Independent Artist; Xtine Burrough, University of Texas, Dallas; Alexandra Louise Hammond, Independent Artist; Jamieson Thomson Thomas, Amy R. Whitaker, Kyle Browne and Phil Rabovsky, Independent Artists; Elizabeth Morisette, Independent Artist; Muyuan He, City College of New York; MiHyun Kim; Joshua Duttweiler, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi; Yixuan Pan, Independent Artist; Abena Motaboli, Independent Artist; Laura Splan, Independent Artist

6:00 – 6:30 PM        Reimagining the Third Space: New Metaphors for Online Creative Communities

Rather than abiding by conventional usage of tools like social media, conference calls, and chatrooms, how can virtual spaces adopt learnings from physical creative spaces while exploring beyond their limitations? Panelists discuss how virtual spaces and communities can serve as extensions of DIY space or form new models of institutions.

Chairs: Lee Tusman, Purchase College; Alice Yuan Zhang, Artist and Designer

Panelists: LaJune McMillian, New Media Artist; Kristin McWharter, School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Lauren Gardner, Babycastles

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