Feb 5th 2021

Paintings, prints, photography, fiber, textiles, sound, animation, sculpture and other art media by artists from France, United Kingdom, Serbia, Poland and the United States will be exhibited at the Fluffy Crimes second show entitled #3 (A Flame Sparkling).

With: Aleksandar Veljkovic, Ashlynn browning, Benjamin Merritt, Benz Amataya, Caleb Yono, Cesar Designs, Dan Landgren, grant gasser, Jesse freeman, Juan Arango-Palacios, mark holt, Michal Orzechowski, Peter Fagundo, Rory Scott, tansy hargan, Tracie Peisley

Fluffy Crimes is a condominium gallery in Chicago. The artists receive 100% of monies when their artwork sells.

Please call or message +1-773-412-6272 to set up an appointment to see the show, in person or virtually. Show runs January 16 – February 5, 2021.

Please wear your mask. Hand sanitizer provided at the front door.

Instagram: @fluffycrimes
Owner/curator: Marc Benja

Official Website

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