Jan 8th 2021

Western Exhibitions is thrilled to announce the inaugural “Western Exhibitions Drawing Biennial,” a salon-style, ceiling-to-floor celebration of works on paper by gallery and affiliated artists celebrating our commitment to drawing and works on paper. The approaches on view will capture the current state of contemporary drawing practices while placing a focus on the gallery artists’ core concerns of personal narratives and cosmologies, identity and gender, sexuality, pattern and exuberance, all with a keen attention to materiality.

We’ve been kicking this idea around ever since overhearing a conversation at the inaugural EXPO Chicago between curators Shannon Stratton and Mark Pascale. They were admiring our “especially rich program devoted to drawing” (Shannon’s words, we think. She’s contributing an essay to the show!). This led us to the realization that—by god yes—Western Exhibitions loves and prioritizes drawings and works on paper! This was a totally organic development, one not dictated by a mission statement, and something that took an outsider to notice as at that point, we didn’t think the gallery had a particular focus other than work we thought was good and important.

The show will open the 2021 season, beginning on January 8, running through February 20. We doubt, alas, that we’ll be able to have an opening reception by then so the show will be supplemented by robust multimedia offerings on our website and Vimeo page. Stay tuned!

Artists included: Dan Attoe, Marshall Brown, Elijah Burgher, Amanda Joy Calobrisi, Jessica Campbell, Lilli Carré, Ryan Travis Christian, Courttney Cooper, Kareem Davis, Edie Fake, JoeyFauerso, Julia Schmitt Healy, Andrew Hostick, Richard Hull, Leah Mackin, Dutes Miller, Paul Nudd, Robyn O’Neil, Onsmith + Nudd, Michael Pellew, Stan Shellabarger, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Deb Sokolow, Ruby T, Frances Waite, Erin Washington, Cathrine Whited, and Lauren Wy

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